Our homes are very important centers in our lives. If we feel peace, comfort, and clarity in our personal spaces, that sense of calm will flow to other areas of our lives and positively effect changes around us. Creating that tranquility in the midst of life’s busyness is how I can help you.

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living room

The living, family, and bonus rooms in a home are designed to be places to connect with others, to enjoy loved ones, and to create memories. Making cozy, comfortable, uncluttered spaces promotes connection because it moves the focus from the stuff to the people.

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Productivity is the driving purpose in an office, either at home or away. Being able to work efficiently is key to making the work less taxing and to finishing projects in a timely manner. Efficiency is greatly enhanced by having a well-organized, work-ready zone.


The kitchen is the heart of a home. Meals are prepared and eaten, drinks and snacks are shared, family and community are built around the table. From casual chit chat to deep, life-changing conversations to planning out the day’s activities, this room is often the core of the home. Having an orderly space promotes peace and calm and encourages connection.

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spare room

Spare rooms and spaces in a home are perfect locations for working on hobbies and projects. Simply walking into these areas can be a source of joy in anticipation of sneaking in even a few moments on a pet project. And nothing compares to having the space organized and project-ready when the mood strikes to create!

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garage or shed

Garages, sheds, and outbuildings are such utilitarian areas that they are often overlooked as important spaces to have organized. Yet peace comes when it is easy to find the tools needed for a project, and nothing beats parking in a garage on a rainy, cold, Pacific Northwest day!

patio or garden

Other commonly overlooked areas are those outside the home. For those who love being outdoors or for those who simply tolerate it, having a well ordered patio, garden space, or greenhouse to enjoy can augment time out of the house.

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Creating a peaceful, calm environment in which to live and entertain is the central theme of what we can accomplish together. Having a comforting atmosphere around us helps us be more successful in our lives and in our relationships with those we love. Let’s team up to make your space be what you desire it to be.