About Cherie

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! The following may be of help if you have questions that weren’t answered elsewhere.

Why did you wind up being an organizer, and how can being organized benefit me?

Truth be told, I do what I do because I absolutely love it! I really enjoy helping people become more organized so that they can have time to focus on what is really important: building relationships with those around them. When we don’t have to spend time racing from one forgotten task to the next, or looking for that important piece of paper, we have more opportunities to slow down and connect with our loved ones. We can linger over coffee when a friend stops by because we know we’re prepared for the next thing on our calendar. We can enjoy bedtime with our kids, knowing that there are clean clothes to wear tomorrow, that there are supplies to make lunches for school, and that dinner is already planned for tomorrow evening. We can enjoy some downtime before we go to sleep, and feel peace in knowing we’re prepared to calmly face a new day.

How are some ways that you’ve helped people?

There is a lot of variety to how I’ve collaborated with clients. Here are some examples:

-setting up filing systems in a home office and ways for paper flow to happen efficiently
-clearing out a garage so it is possible to park inside
-carving out space for a craft/hobby area
-walking clients through the process of paring down possessions
-creating schedules and systems to juggle multiple businesses/activities
-designing a plan for moving to a new space

These are just ideas, and in no way an extensive list!

What should I expect this organizing process to look like?

Working side by side with you is the best way for us to help you realize your goals for an organized life. I believe you already know what works for you and what doesn’t. Through asking you questions and listening to your answers, I then facilitate changing the things that are not working into things that do. There is no “one size fits all” system to organization and life change. I do not impose my systems on you, nor do I recommend you buy a specific organizing system. I want to work with you as we come up with things to accomplish, because my goal is to help you reach your goals. You get to choose what we accomplish first, last, in the middle, and every little part in between! I work at your pace so that you don’t feel rushed.

This sounds great, but I’m having reservations . . .

That is understandable! We often hold ourselves back from asking for help, instead telling ourselves that we “should” be able to manage on our own. But in truth, we are creatures that are designed for relationship, and part of relationships is growing and learning from each other. No one on this planet has everything together, all pieces of life moving in perfect harmony. There is always room for improvement, and there is absolutely no shame in that! In fact, it is to be applauded when we can ask for help.

Perhaps you’re embarrassed about the state of your space, and thinking, “I don’t want her to see this!!” Maybe it’s worse than anyone has ever seen it before. In truth, that is the perfect time to contact me! I won’t judge you for what your space looks like. Instead, I’ll listen to what you need, and then we’ll go about making a plan to achieve that in the best way possible.

 Let’s connect!!

I love seeing the results of a completed project, or of an effective system that is working well for someone. It is so fun to watch you succeed as you accomplish your goals! Are you ready to get started on a new path in your life? Contact me today!